It was a full week with lots of off season vendor dates!

I was invited to Beaumont House Design headquarters for the sweetest Galentine’s Day bash. Julie throws the most thoughtful get-togethers and I knew this one wouldn’t be different. She invited some of her gals over for cocktails, small bites, sweet treats and henna! That’s right, she called a local henna artist to come and do some magic. I’ve never had henna before so I was pumped! I flipped through his design book and picked a fairly arm forearm piece that reminded me of ivy + my indoor plants. It was surprisingly relaxing and I was obsessed with the results. It’s been a week already and it’s just now starting to fade. Everyone that the yoga studio has been commenting, maybe I should consider a real forearm tattoo!

Thursday I skipped over to Marshall to grab a coffee with Rosanna of Bella Villa Antiques & Vintage Rentals. I have been a fan of her stash for years and she so kindly offered to give me a tour. She has the cutest space and we shared a bottle of wine and chatted about the pieces she as for rent. If you know Rosanna, she has a great sense of humor – the quick wit type – and it shows in her furniture names. Just check out her inventory! As a bonus I got to meet Marium with Cakes by Marium. She popped in to drop of Valentine’s Day treats for Rosanna. She makes the most incredible cakes + desserts. You can also find her sweets at Field + Main!

This weekend kicked off another round of yoga teacher training. Saturday through Monday I was fully immersed in asanas, anatomy, practice teaching and actual practice. I finally ripped off the bandaid and did a little practice teaching in front of the class. I was scared, but it felt good after and I even did a little better than I expected. There is something though about finding and articulating the words versus the physical practice. I know the physical practice in my body, but putting me on the spot to walk you through a pose with cues… my mind goes blank. I’ll be putting in some extra study hours in between to hopefully make those words flow more freely.

I also had a full week of yoga portrait work. I was back at Stafford House of Yoga for a studio session to focus on their teacher training program. I also shot 6 yoga teacher mini sessions! I have a lot of editing to catch up on over the weekend!

I haven’t painted my nails yet. I know I’m craving a true red. My two all time favorites are Keys To My Karma + Big Apple Red. I’ll report on Insta Stories/Highlights as soon as they are done!

When is the the last time you left fear hold you back? For me, it was last weekend. I joined this yoga teacher training because, the timing for this session felt right. I wanted to dedicate the time during the off season to learn and to actively teach. I found though once I got into this session, I was excited to learn but, I wasn’t super excited to practice teach. And if you know me, I’m extroverted and I don’t have a problem engaging with strangers. The studio offers karma classes for teacher trainees to work the kinks out in the classroom by offering a free class. Other classmates have signed up and completed one or more classes, I still haven’t signed up. I was fearful. This weekend though, we had a closed class and I was forced into teaching 4 poses. I was nervous and did really well for the first two and felt a little of that teacher high. I knew what I was saying, I was confident in where I was instructing the body to go. And the fear dissipated. The second round, wasn’t nearly as smooth, and by that mean I choked hard on a pose I have practiced like 10,000 times. I’ve realized doing it in your body and saying it are two very, very different things.

I’m thankful for this breakthrough and I’m feeling more committed to studying and actually teaching. I needed this as a reminder that I can be scared – even hesitant – in pushing forward for growth.

As always, thanks for reading. xo.

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