It has been a week! I’ve been beebopping all over our country and I’m excited to share what I’ve been up too! That is if you haven’t been following along on IG stories.

Thursday I packed up and headed to Austin, Texas for my first wedding of the season! Austin was so cool, and I could feel serious Richmond vibes there. So many privately owned restaurants and shops + a massive amount of colorful murals! Alicia from The Alicia Bruce came out with me to second shoot and to soak up the city. We snagged the cutest Airbnb that was a converted garage studio apartment with a small private patio. We loved our meals at Elizabeth Street Cafe, and Moonshine Grill. We enjoyed cocktails + Texas wine at Suerte! Obviously we drank coffee, and we really enjoyed the donuts, drinks and front porch dog at Medici!

I was in Austin for Stephanie + Leon’s wedding! Allan House in downtown Austin was the cutest manor house with large white patios, massive windows and a back patio with trees dressed in string lights. Their ceremony site was decorated with white candles and greenery under a clear top tent! Their vows were definitely heartfelt and funny, especially if you know the groom! Afterwards, the reception was celebrated with toasts, Tiny Pies and dancing! Their sparkler exit lead them directly into a romantic horse drawn carriage ride around the city with a massive, massive clydesdale!

Sunday after the wedding I headed over to the University of Texas, Austin campus for a morning engagement session! So many Virginians moving to Texas! Pam used to work at 50W Vineyards in Middleburg and we got to know each other while she was their venue coordinator. She had since moved south to be with her fiance Kendall. I reached out before I headed down and we set up the sweetest session. After, these two took me to their favorite brunch spot on South Congress, June’s All Day Restaurant. It was a french inspired menu with funky 90s decor. My steak + parmesan egg dish was incredible! I wish I could eat it every single morning. I’ll be sharing a few sneaks from their session over the weekend! Make sure to check on IG.

Sunday afternoon it was time for me to head to the airport to head to Las Vegas to see my childhood best friend! We made big plans for Monday so I was ready to get on the plane. If you’ve flown before you’ve heard of Frontier, it’s a budget airline with no frills. Think the Rugged Warehouse of flights. I wasn’t thrilled to have booked 3 tickets for this trip through them because they are so basic, but after a few laughs about the seat sizes, tray table sizes and general organization it really was a decent flight both to Austin + Las Vegas!

I landed in Vegas at 8 and was picked up to head to Cindy’s. I wasn’t kidding when I said we lofty goals. I wanted to see the Grand Canyon and she and her husband made it happen. I came to their house, dropped my bags, showered and did a quick load of laundry. While we waited Cindy and I caught up over wine and packed bags because, we left at 12:30am to head to the park for a quiet sunrise over the canyon. Thankfully I didn’t have to drive, Grant, Cindy’s husband took that less than desirable duty and let me nap in the car until we got there. We arrived right on time! We hopped out and together with their two kids we watched the sun peak over the plateau and light up the canyon. It was truly incredible. Grand, if you will. We spent the rest of the day driving through and stopping at different overlooks to grab new views and perspectives. On the way home they even took me down the classic Route 66 to make a pit stop at an original Dairy Queen, or at least I’m calling it original because it looked like it hadn’t been changed or updated at all since 1974.

It’s been a whirlwind of a trip and I’m so pumped to see my film rolls from this day trip. We have a few more things planned for the rest of the week before I head home on Thursday. I’ll be reporting back next week.

Nail polish update. I ended up grabbing my first dip manicure and I have to tell you, I honestly hate it. I always prefer a painted nail to gels, but this time I wanted to give the dip a try. First, the salon didn’t have OPI dip options so I had to pick a color outside of my knowledge base. Second, the dip is quite thick, I’ve been joking that I feel like my nails look swollen. While they are manicured nicely, they just look so fake and I hate that. I’m actually annoyed, but since I dropped $40 on them I’m keeping them for at least 2 weeks. So, essentially this is going into week two. I won’t have a polish change for a while. If anyone else has gotten a dip and loved it, can you let me know. I just don’t see the thrill?


I’m not sure this even counts as a breakthrough, more so a reminder. Everytime I travel I’m reminded that I don’t actually need a lot of things. I’ve been living out of a carry-on suitcase that is half full with camera gear. To say I packed light with clothes would be accurate. And while the first day or so I feel like I need more things or wished I had brought another shirt, skirt, pant, etc. I’m always able to wear what I brought and keep it moving.

I am also reminded about things I cannot live without while traveling and that would be dry shampoo and body wipes. Grant, Cindy’s husband asked me while we were at a pull-in at the canyon, what’s the one thing I can’t live without while traveling, or better yet what is an item that helps you reset, feel fresh and move along with your day. He said his was a fresh pair of socks. He was changing his socks on the tailgate of their car and I thought to myself for a little bit. And I knew body wipes for those quick wipe downs to feel fresh especially after airport travel, and a little dry shampoo to keep me feeling like a million bucks.

Now I’m curious, what’s your go-to in order to stay fresh and feel recharged to keep moving?

As always, thanks for reading! xoxo.

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