Y’all it has been a week. I’ve been back and forth to the hospital probably 8 times in about 5 days. I’m happy to report that Grandpa Ron had his surgery on Friday and it was successful! New stents were added and a balloon to help open up his arteries and get his blood pumping again. He was released on Monday and is happily back at home in his recliner watching sports and reading the paper! I think everyone probably knows what it’s like to have a loved one in the hospital. The recipe for exhaustion is : high emotions, bad coffee, long wait times, deciphering doctor speak and a dash of worried.

I’m so thankful he is home now and he can recover where he is most comfortable. He’s been sick for almost a year now and having answers and an actual recovery plan are providing relief not only for him, but our entire family.

The same day that Grandpa went to the hospital, I met Shareia in downtown Fredericksburg for a yoga teacher session. You guys, SHE KILLED IT. I met her during YTT and I feel like we clicked. She has a contagious energy, is so incredibly thoughtful and has a heart that she just can’t help but share. She’s been teaching since April and wanted to get together to grab some branding photos. I’ve been vibing hard on yoga sessions recently and just realized I need to start blogging them – whoops! I wanted to share a little sneak of what we worked on together Tuesday morning! You can follow her on IG at @shareiaoliver.wellness.

Sunday was full of fun with Vida Events 1 year anniversary party at Walsh Family Wine! I was introduced to Megan about 6 months ago and I just knew she would become a friend! Vida Events threw a lovely party with wine, cheese, coconut macaroons, lovely florals and a selfie wall! I had so much fun seeing old friends and networking! Also, if you haven’t made it out to Walsh yet, do yourself a favor it is incredible. I highly recommend their Plateau, a sparkling petite nat and Twin Notch rosé!

After Vida I went to visit the cabin opening for my friend Julie of Beaumont House Design. She is the only person I know that would fall in love with an 1800s cabin, have it disassembled and reassembled on her property with the proper historic engineering and personal touches. This cabin will be the headquarters of her business and I can see why with a fireplace, exposed beams, a sun porch and an office with a reading nook and mountain view! I knew this part was going to be special, but Julie’s thoughtful styled shined through with vintage Victrola + Gramaphones playing records. We had cocktails on the patio and admired the cabins restoration. It was truly the perfect afternoon!

Also, I’m putting up an out of office later today. I drove down to OBX for a few days to unwind midseason. I’ll be monitoring email, but if it isn’t pressing I won’t respond until Monday!

Thanks for reading! xo.

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