Last week at OBX was just what I needed. It was the perfect mix of early morning work days and relaxing afternoons on the beach. I stayed in a beachfront house that was steps away from the lapping waves and large dining room table that I spread all of my work on and a fridge that kept my Klondike bars, beer and rosé cold.

My friend and talented photographer Tori of Victoria Heer Photography came down too for some Vitamin Sea + business talk. You really get to know someone when you share a living space for a few days. Tori mentioned that she was excited for us to spend time together, but more excited to get to know the real me. You know the one that wears face masks, reads in bed, and drinks iced coffee out of a coffee mug. The things that make us interesting. I was equally as curious, because Tori and I have been friends for a while, but this would be different. Outside of business talk I got to know her past; how she grew up in California, how she met her now husband Chester and how they call each other Buddy as their term of endearment. I’m grateful for her friendship, her life experience and her willingness to sit and talk business for hours and hours.

I had another yoga teacher session and I can’t wait to share those soon!!! I met Teresa in downtown Fredericksburg for a coffee catch-up sess and yoga photos. It was hot, like 96 degrees most of the morning so, we had to improvise and hop in and out of coffeeshops to keep cooling down. Teresa was a trooper!

It was a busy week with bookings too! In the last 7 days I’ve booked 3 weddings!


I’ve been a believer of energy work, crystals and tarot card readings for most of my 20s and definitely my 30s. I’ve been searching to find some direction and guidance from the universe so, with the encouragement of Rachel (The One Moment Events + Alex (Loveland Boudoir) I scheduled a tarot card reading last week.

It was incredible. I decided I needed a full hour because the last reading I had was about 8 years ago. The first 30 minutes I took notes and listened as Heather literally spoke to my soul. I’ve been wrestling with an idea for a while that very few people know about. I’m talking about a handful.

She was certain that this idea was positive for me. Something that would bring me happiness, release me from burden and truly allow me to develop into the person I’ve been trying to become. But, I’ve been fearful to share, because even though I’ve made the decision internally, I haven’t wanted to share externally for fear of others not supporting this decision or trying to change my mind.

While I’m still not ready to share – sorry if you thought I was going to make a big announcement – it does in fact reaffirm what I’ve been working towards.

The last 30 minutes I was able to ask very specific questions about my business, it’s direction, the healing process for my Grandpa and relationships. There was a lot of support and closure from this call and I’m excited to move forward.

Anyway, if you are interested in tarot card readings I’d be happy to share her information or answer any questions you have!

As always, thanks for reading! xo.

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