How They Asked // 11.29.18

How They Asked by The Knot loved Ayla + Francesco’s proposal story so much that they shared it back in November!

Get the details of their proposal from both Ayla + Francesco’s perspective by following the link:

How They Asked by The Knot

You can catch the full blog post here and see the surprise + emotion leading up to it and the excited afterwards here!

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Last week felt like it flew by! I think the anticipation of the snow made things go by quickly.

Thursday through Monday I was happily dog sitting my sisters French Bulldog Godzilla. I can’t say she was super happy to see me once she realized I was staying; she missed her parents. After a while she warmed up to me and together we snuggled on the couch while I soaked up their unlimited high speed internet + gas fireplace.

Saturday morning I met my friend Jenny for coffee at Vint Hill Farm Station Cafe. If you haven’t been, you need too. It’s adorable and offers breakfast, coffee and lunch! We sat for almost 3 hours catching up. We’ve been friends since elementary school and followed through college, to say we’ve grown up together is an understatement. Coffee dates though are some of my favorite, if you get a chance pop back over to my insta feed and read why.

After coffee I ventured out to Wegmans to get some snow supplies. I already had wine, but I needed a sauce for the potato gnocchi I was going to cook. If you’ve never been to a grocery store in Northern Virginia before a snow storm – you’re lucky. It’s like the apocalypse and people are stocking up for months at a time. There was zero milk or shredded cheese. I don’t understand it, I was able to drive out of the neighborhood on Monday. Why stock up? Anyway, I got fresh pesto and parmesan for the gnocchi. The instructions for the gnocchi call to boil for only 1 minute, but I forgot about it once I put it in, and it quickly became gnocchi mash. It was ugly, but it tasted great!

Thursday night I downloaded a new book from the library Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. It was a quick read and so easy to get wrapped up in. I finished it Sunday morning. The book follows along with an immigrant Irish girl who boards the orphan train to head west for the hopes of adoption. It’s a story full of hopes + regrets and intertwines with the story of a girl Molly set in the present day. I definitely recommend it!

I finally wrote out my behind-the-scenes business to-do list, and it’s massive. I started knocking out some of the smaller things this weekend and I have a timeline to finish by February, then maybe I’ll tackle my taxes!

I have worn Lincoln Park After Dark for years, like close to 5 if I had to guess. It was one of the first truly dark colors I loved on my skin tone. It’s a deep midnight plum that could easily pass for black. I had to buy another bottle because my old one was well used and practically dried out. It’s perfect for these cold winter months!

I took the Enneagram Test and found out I was a Type 3 Wing 2. I’m considered an Achiever with Helper tendencies. Personality tests fascinate me because it’s insight in how I think and function.

Being an Achiever I am considered a hard worker, competitive and highly focused in the pursuit of my goals. Sounds nice right? But it also means that I need external validation as a way to feel worthy and I like being admired. Ouch. When I first got the results I was felt like it was wrong, so I took it again. Type 3 Wing 3. Okay, cool. I slept on it and the more I marinated on the more I was able to really look into my life and notice where those tendencies were present. I’m a small business owner. I have to-do lists a mile long. I set goals and figure out ways to reach them. I also like feeling accomplished, and I like when others recognize that.

The wing as Helper pops in too, which was insightful. I do have a tendency to help especially those that mean a lot to me. I’ll rearrange my schedule to provide added support or extend a hand.

If you haven’t taken the test the link is here! I’d love to hear where you fall:
Enneagram Test

As always, thanks for reading!

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Middleburg, Virginia // 01.11.18

I just got the most exciting email, Wedding Wire has honored me for the third year in a row with a Couples’ Choice Award! This goes out to the top 5% of wedding professionals on WeddingWire. I’d would really like to thank all of my amazing couples from 2018, without your trust and support this wouldn’t have been possible. I’m so excited for what 2019 has to offer!

As a reminder, I’m halfway booked for 2019! If you or a friend is getting married and looking for a photographer that specializes in the Virginia countryside + Type-B couples send them my way!

Starting from our initial contact, I help you with everything including sending along my preferred vendors list, planning your engagement session (outfits + location), a questionnaire to help with organization, a customized timeline and more during your wedding planning process!

So if you and your partner like coffee and/or wine, exploring new places together, laughing until your belly hurts, long meals with thoughtful conversations, and the Virginia outdoors- let’s talk!

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