n A fine art wedding + portrait photographer
nestled in the midst of
hunt country in Middleburg, Virginia.
I’m a wanderer at heart
and pass my time daydreaming about
visiting small foreign towns,
feeling tiny among the mountains,
ordering a cup of coffee in Italian,
creating the perfect picnic for a winery day
and collecting used books
as souvenirs while I travel.
inspired by the precious stories of others and influenced by my own distinct adventures.

My name is Krysta Norman, and I've been a story teller for as long as I can remember. As a child summer days were spent barefoot on the swingset, while I penned short stories in the margins of coloring books. My grandparents house was a personal art gallery with prized illustrations on the back of envelopes, napkins and scrap paper. As I grew older the writing continued but the desire to illustrate slowed, it opened space for a new medium to narrate my world: photography. For the first time my stories were an accurate representation of my personal experiences.

Now I'm a visual narrator, inspired by the precious stories of others and influenced by my own distinct adventures. I seek to document the unscripted, profound moments that define the current chapter in ones life. As an artist, I'm moved by timeless old world romance, villages with cobblestone streets, distant mountains, love languages, family heirlooms and open countryside.

FAVORITE THINGS Krysta Norman Vintage Dressers. Travel.
Italian Language. Family Heirlooms.
Natural Light. OPI Nail Polish. Yoga.
Coffee. Winery Days. Film.
Garamond. Haribo Gummies.
Dogs Walks. Potted Plants.
my daily uniform consists of a flowy dress, flat sandals, a leather bag and a fresh OPI manicure.

When I need to disconnect and reset I’m outdoors; I especially enjoy hiking, hammocking and long dog walks. I’m also an avid yogi, you can find me practicing a heated power flow and 26 + 2 throughout the week. My favorite afternoons are spent with friends + family, great food and thoughtful conversation. I love Virginia and her offerings, but I long to see the rest of the world. I’m endlessly curious about the culture and languages in far away places and the experiences that come with long distance travel.

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